AAC is the product of a Chicago-based group of dedicated professionals who want to help dealerships leverage the $216 billion accessories market, while also bringing dealership operations and training into the 21st century. More than ever, car buyers are making purchasing decisions based more on what’s possible with new vehicles than what is presented at the dealership. Safety, convenience, personalization and lifestyle fit are driving factors that prompt customers to enhance their vehicles, and AAC is designed to make dealerships the first and most fulfilling option.

Tom WaitzmanPresident / CEO
Founder and President Tom Waitzman did not come from the crowd of venture capital-funded tech geeks that are synonymous with any app development projects today. Instead, he came from the car stereo industry, combining self-taught expertise and a drive to grow that ultimately prompted him to start DPS Automotive Group (the company behind AAC) in 2009. Before he was 21, Tom had managed a big-box installation center and held several positions with specialist retail outlets. He eventually owned his own store and later traded ownership for the opportunity to grow with a dynamic company specializing in servicing new car dealerships. It was this experience that gave him insight on the needs of dealerships and the opportunities to enhance their growth through focused accessory sales. Within DPS, his leadership has resulted in a culture of providing per-client, customized solutions centered on growth and accountability.

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